Hemp Smoothies

Basic Chocolate Hemp Smoothie 101!

Simple is always best. I call this one the KISS. The “keep it simple smoothie”. Sometimes we don't have the time to go through the fridge and make something fast, but we still want a high energy food when our body needs energy right now! It doesn't get any easier than...

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Basic Plain Hemp Smoothie 101!

When I shared this recipe with a friend, they couldn’t believe how much it tasted like a Starbucks Green Tea Frappe! After we looked up the ingredients and calories that came along with their favorite morning energy hit, they decided to incorporate this one into their...

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Pumpkin Spice Hemp shake

If you love Pumpkin Pie as much as I do, but you don't especially like all the nasty ingredients that come with a store bought pie, this one’s for you. The fall time is my favorite time of year, so whenever I mix up my smoothie routine with this sweet favorite, it...

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Savory Smoothie

I know what you are thinking...cold soup, yuk! Well, you are correct. About the soup part that is! In fact, it's amazingly refreshing to enjoy this savory blend, on a nice warm day as a soup or a smoothie! You could pour this one into a bowl and toss in some hemp...

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Pineapple Hempress Smoothie

I dont know about you, but I LOVE Pineapple. There is just something about this fantastic fruit. You can pretty much add its golden nectar to any meal and let it take you to the beaches of Hawaii in your mind. Full of fiber and bursting with sunshine sweetness, this...

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Clean Green Smoothie

Getting your daily dose of greens can't get any easier or tastier than this. The sweet peas make this green machine surprisingly satisfying to the sweet side of you. Thick and rich, I sometimes eat this one with a spoon! Go on, get your greens on! 1   avocado 1   cup...

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Hemp & Greens Morning Machine

This one is like a sweet liquid salad in a glass. Avocado, or “gods butter” as it has been called, adds a really nice thick texture that you can even use a spoon and make sure you give it a good chew!  Power packed with tons of nutrients, this one leaves you feeling...

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The Big Berry Boom

I have to say that this one is berry berry delicious! Seriously. How do you pack 3 servings of fruit into one glass? Well, this recipe has you covered. Try swapping this one out for your morning coffee, to get a more sustainable fuel for a morning brew!   Recipe: 1...

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Chocolate Mint Hemp Bliss Smoothie

Summertime is Smoothie Time!  There is nothing better than having a cool treat to beat the heat while deliciously taking you to healthy heaven along the way.  This epic shake has a way of warming the heart, cooling the body and soothing the sweet tooth at the same...

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Chocolate-Cherry Bomb Smoothie

The first time I had this, I couldn't believe how amazingly delicious this was. There is just something about this banana, chocolate and cherry combo, that makes me go loco for cacao! Try this one for dessert as well, its the cherry bomb. 😉 Recipe: 1 frozen banana or...

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Chocolate Hemp Raspberry Dream Smoothie

Who doesn't love raspberries, or chocolate especially when they are together? Raspberries just happen to be my favorite fruit and I just love this cacao fruit fusion. Blendjoy!! Recipe:  1 frozen banana  1 cup homemade hemp milk  1 cup frozen raspberry  1/2 cup young...

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Double Chocolate Hemp Smoothie

Remember when you were a kid and you would go to your favorite diner and they would give you one of those cold metal cups with your milk shake? Well, this smoothie is the next best thing. This chocolate milk shake sans milk, delivers on taste as much as it does on...

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Banana Hemp Smoothie Recipe

Ok. No monkeying around here.  There is a very good reason why I have chosen to have at least 3-4 bananas a week, either in my smoothies to make them thick and rich, or sliced on top of my Chocolate Hemp Crepes. Studies have shown that bananas can combat depression,...

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Hemp Power Smoothie

1 frozen banana ½ cup home made OMEGA HEMP MILK ½ cup frozen berries-if desired 1 handful of organic spinach leaves 2 tbsp. OMEGA PRO CHOCOLATE HEMP PROTEIN POWDER 1 tbsp. OMEGA HEMP SEED OIL You can add filtered water or more Omega Hemp Seed milk to create desired...

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