Hemp Beverages

Matcha Hemp Milk Latte

Preparation: Boil water and add 1/2 cup hemp milk and 1/2 cup boiling water to a magic bullet or blender of choice. Add the matcha and sugar, blend for 30 seconds and pour into your favourite cup! Recipe: 1/2 cup homemade hemp milk 1 tsp matcha 1 tsp coconut sugar...

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Chaga Hemp Milk

This is definitely one of those warm fuzzy recipes. The rainy weekend (and the fact that I have been weaning myself off coffee for weeks), inspired this yummy coffee-like Chaga tonic to accompany my book break. This Immune boosting rich, warm, soothing and uber...

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Monkey Milk

This one was sort of an experiment as I was curious what a frozen banana would taste like in my Hemp Creamer Recipe.  Wow! What a surprise and it even tastes great added to a hot beverage without curdling. Something for a hemp blogger to celebrate for sure!   So, give...

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Hot Chocolate Hemp Milk

I remember the days of being at the ice skating rink and asking my mom for 50 cents so I could have a hot chocolate out of the vending machine. I can still remember the smell of the rink, the taste of the sweet chocolate and the feel of the foam cup in my little...

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Homemade Hemp Seed Milk

Probably one of the easiest things you can make from hemp seeds, is raw, wholesome, vitamin packed hemp seed milk. This has been a staple in my fridge for over the past decade.  It is a great substitute for dairy or soy that can be used in everything from your morning...

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Vegan Golden Hemp Milk

“Wow this stuff is amazing!” Were the words that came out of my boyfriend's mouth the first time I introduced this golden milk recipe to him. There are few things that can warm me up from the insides after spending a day in the dreary drizzle of the Pacific northwest...

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Hemp Milk

Hemp Milk Recipe 4 cups filter water 4 tbsp Omega Hemp Seeds Place ingredients in blender and mix at high speed for approximately 45 seconds Optional: Strain for a smooth texture Tips: Add more Omega Hemp Seeds for a thicker consistency. Lasts in the fridge for 3-4...

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