I remember the days of being at the ice skating rink and asking my mom for 50 cents so I could have a hot chocolate out of the vending machine. I can still remember the smell of the rink, the taste of the sweet chocolate and the feel of the foam cup in my little hands! Sometimes you just need to bring out one of your old time favorite comfort foods, that takes you away to that nostalgia of childhood. This just happens to be one of those recipes that with a small healthy tweak, delivers all the same feeling and brings on the healing!


1 cup homemade Hemp Milk

2 tbs Omega Pro Chocolate Hemp Protein.

Sweetener to taste

In a saucepan warm up the hemp milk and whisk in the Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder

Pour in your favorite mug and sweeten to taste. Enjoy!


Add a dollop of Hemp Dream Cream Whipped topping to take this one all the way to happy land!

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