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The ABC’s of H.E.M.P!

Have you had your hemp today? If you aren’t adding hemp to your diet everyday-you are missing out my friend! You may not know this, but Hemp Seed Foods are one of the most complete protein super foods ON THE PLANET, THAT OUR BODIES ARE HARDWIRED FOR!!...

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Our Lean Little pig story

The Lean Little Pig Story Here is the fun story of how my family discovered the healing properties of hemp as a Superfood. It seemed my father and brother came across this somewhat forbidden seed on their quest to create a protein powder made from wild rice. Upon...

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Why Hemp is way, way better than Whey!

Most people assume that whey protein is just good simple protein. The fact is, whey is a highly processed and nutritionally devoid food source. Sure ANY protein you ingest will help you build muscle, and whey is no different in that regard, but when it comes to a more...

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