This is fairly new to my health regime, even though I’ve seen these types of Chia puddings for years.  Since being in the health industry for so long, I remember when Goji and Chia first came to the scene and everyone and their dog were eating puddings and drinking goji water.

There was a part of me that resisted it for so long and I think it’s because the first time I tried Chia, the person that gave me a sample at one of the health booths, forgot to mention to SOAK them first. Not fun. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way, that if Chia isn’t soaked in water, then it steal the water from you!  Meaning, it really backs your body up.

So, now that I have created this yummy recipe that is really satisfying, I can share it with Joy from my own experience of having this sweet healthy treat, about 2 x a week.

Also, another great trick that I’ve tried, is if you have a favorite tea like Hibiscus or Nettle, you can use this instead of water for your hemp seed milk and try something different.


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