Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Line a bread tin with baking paper.  Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl and in a separate bowl mix the flax meal and hemp milk and let sit for 10 minutes. Add the maple syrup, coconut oil and mashed bananas to the hemp meal mix then add the wet mix to the dry and stir just until it’s all blended.

Pour into lined bread tin, sprinkle with toasted coconut and coconut sugar and bake for 45 minutes.  Cool on a wire rack, slice and serve.


Dry mix

1 ½ cups buckwheat flour

½ cup hemp meal

1 tbsp baking powder

½ cup hemp seeds

⅓ cup raisins or currents

1 tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp salt

Wet mix

3 tbsp soaked flaxseed meal (as a thickener)

¾ cup hemp milk

2 tbsp maple syrup

4 ripe mashed bananas

¼ cup melted coconut oil

1 tbsp coconut sugar


¼ cup shredded coconut

2 tbsp coconut sugar

Mix together to sprinkle on top of bread then bake